The Abilitator® contains the following sections:

  1. PERSONAL DETAILS (e.g. age, gender)
  2. WELL-BEING (e.g. general functioning, perceived work ability)
  3. INCLUSION (social functioning and social interaction)
  4. MIND (mental functioning)
  5. EVERYDAY LIFE (coping with everyday activities)
  6. SKILLS (e.g. cognitive functioning, competence)
  7. BODY (physical functioning)
  8. BACKGROUND INFORMATION (e.g. educational background)
  9. WORK AND THE FUTURE (e.g. employment situation, desired changes)

The Abilitator takes only 10–20 minutes to fill in. Once the respondent has filled in the questionnaire, they receive personal feedback on their responses.

Try out the Abilitator!

The use of the Abilitator questionnaire is free of charge. The questionnaire analyses the respondent’s work ability and functioning and determines their main strengths and the areas that need development.

The instructions and feedback of the “Try out the Abilitator” questionnaire refer to different professionals and activities, because this trial version corresponds to the questionnaire used in client work. The trial version responses are not saved, and cannot be linked to the respondent. You can, however, save and print the responses and feedback yourself if you so wish.

Try out the Abilitator